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Student musicians jam for charity


By Madeline Roth

Student musicians banded together last week for a charity concert benefitting music education in local schools.

Musician’s Collective at Ohio State planned the event, which took place March 9 in the Ohio Union’s Performance Hall.

The concert raised $400 for Music Loves Ohio, a central Ohio-based organization that gives children the opportunity to learn, play and record music.

Musician’s Collective president Joey Hribar, a fourth-year in biology, said the concert exceeded his expectations.

“This was really our first time as an organization hosting a charity event of this size,” said Hribar. “We surpassed our goal.”

A minimum donation of $3 was required for entry into the concert. All of the money raised will be given to Music Loves Ohio.

Besides fundraise, the concert also gave Musician’s Collective members the chance to perform for an audience of more than 100 people.

“Our goal was to get members from Musician’s Collective to actually play on a stage…and give them an opportunity to play for their peers at Ohio State,” said Hribar. “Also, to get the bands to sound as loud as possible because, from a musician’s standpoint, it’s always fun to play loud.”

Musician’s Collective comprises about 20 students who meet once a month to play music with each other and even form their own bands.

“Musician’s Collective (has) the goal of bringing students together…of all genres and backgrounds and skill levels…to share and critique music with each other,” said Hribar.

Nine bands played at the charity concert, eight of which have at least one member active in Musician’s Collective. Other performances included Pittsburgh-based band Psychic Boots, as well as Zac Baaske, a second-year in music who sang and played acoustic guitar in between sets.

Hribar, who played in two of the night’s bands, said the concert was a success.

“Talking to bands afterward, I think everyone had a positive experience, which I’m very happy with,” said Hribar.